Best Blogs

I resource material for your “edification, enlightenment, and enjoyment” from many sources. I will continue to provide specific recommendations as above for the content I think is worthwhile.    But if you don’t find anything to your liking above, check out this list of the best (in my opinion) blogs, websites etc. for the C-Level Executive from proven […]

For Our Friends Outside the Vistage Family

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Econ Recon

The Winter of our Stagflation: The government’s intervention in the economy introduced a lot of unusual noise into the data economists use to forecast. “But underneath it all,” writes economist Brian Wesbury, “we still believe Milton Friedman had it right. A decline in money will lead to recession, and then a decline in inflation.” Check out his […]

The Drucker Memo

Everyone in your company has someone to manage them, except CEOs and many at the C-Level. You don’t get to, and stay at, this level unless you can manage yourself. Daniel Pink (author of “To Sell is Human” and “The Power of Regret”) reminds us of a powerful method suggested by the late, great management writer Peter Drucker that […]

Ozempic for the C-Suite

In his “No Mercy, No Malice” blog, entrepreneur and NYU Professor Scott Galloway looks at two innovations of the post-Covid era that promise to have profound effects on how we live: Ozempic and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Gallow ingeniously uses the impact of Ozempic (aka GLP-1 drugs) to explain how AI is already impacting how CEOs are thinking […]

An Exodus Avoidance Primer

We’ve read about many large companies executing layoffs in recent months as many over hired during Covid. Even so, the strong employment market required continued recognition that it’s still a seller’s market for labor and talent. It’s bad enough in this market when an employee leaves; it can be fatal if too many go at […]

The “Zamboni” Revolution

Productivity stories show up in the strangest places, and if you’re a hockey fan, here’s one for you. Some innovations save labor, others increase revenue. Truly great ones do both. To wit, the Zamboni. You’re no doubt familiar with this machine that resurfaces an entire ice rink in just a few minutes. Rink ice is only a few […]

Econ Recon

The Present Future: Peter Drucker once remarked that  “demographics is the future that has already happened.” Dr. Brian Wesbury in his “Three on Thursday” blog offers a neat one page, 50,00 ft overview of global demographics over the coming decades. Demographics is about people and only people create markets. What does the information in this overview portend for the markets […]

Love at Work

Valentine’s day was last Wednesday and several of my favorite resources had some interesting things to share about love and work. Vistage’s premier employment law speaker, Hunter Lott, offers some advice on managing the perennial challenge of romance in the workplace. Suzanne Lucas (aka “The Evil HR Lady) recaps some research on the occupations most and least […]

From Small to Tall

And speaking of every large business once being a small business…More research is done on small businesses than large, but some faculty at Northwest’s Kellogg School have produced some insights that leaders of Small to Medium Business (SMBs) may find helpful. Check out “Take 5: What Does It Take to Make a Small Business Work.”