Look Inside Vistage Peer Advisory Group Experience

Each month, thousands of CEOs and business owners across the US and around the world block off their calendars, leave their offices, and step out of their daily activities.

There’s nothing like the feeling in the room dedicated to leaders get together to help one another succeed.

We all come into these meetings with a bunch of issues, and the beauty of Vistage is that we all walk out with a clear sense of direction.

Within this confidential meeting, these business leaders put their most important decisions and greatest challenges on the table. They troubleshoot problems, vet ideas and pressure, test assumptions. They help identify each other’s blind spots. It’s inspiring, motivating, and intense. Since every meeting is completely confidential, we assembled a group and recorded the meeting to show you what it’s like to be part of these sessions. Here, participants are using a proprietary method called issue processing to keep the conversation focused and productive. This structured framework leads to clear and actionable next steps.

Find Out Why 230 Business Leaders Around the World Rely on Vistage To Make Better Decisions, Get Better Results, And Become Better leaders.

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