Hybrid Hell

One of the biggest challenges of senior management is striking the right balance between the attractiveness of remote work and the business’ need to have the team together in the office. Some executives call it “hybrid hell.” With it still being a seller’s market for talent, you might take time for a worthwhile article from Chief Executive Magazine: “The […]

How to Run Your Business

The late Peter Drucker once remarked that “Companies don’t make money. Companies make shoes.” What he meant was that every business exists to fill a need (e.g. shoes) in society which will be rewarded with profit if done effectively. Management should focus on the “shoes,”…or whatever it does that its customers really want. The money will […]

Family or Team?

The basic organization unit of society throughout history has been the family, so it’s not surprising that many businesses have tried to incorporate the idea of “family” into their workplaces. This works well, until it doesn’t. This article from Ideas.Ted.Com warns that “a company is not a family.  And what’s more- a company should not try to be […]

AI and Your Kid’s Career

Your child may be helping to support you some day, so helping them make the right career choice can pay off big for both of you. To that end, the so-called “War for Talent” has created a hot job market in recent years, but the emergence of AI is threatening to replace the jobs that have traditionally […]

Best Blogs

I resource material for your “edification, enlightenment, and enjoyment” from many sources. I will continue to provide specific recommendations as above for the content I think is worthwhile. But if you don’t find anything to your liking above, check out this list of the best (in my opinion)  blogs, websites etc. for the C-Level Executive from […]

Econ Recon: America’s 3.5 Second Miracle

America’s 3.5 Second Miracle: An article from economist Brian Wesbury that celebrates the American political and economic miracle was not published in time for my July 4 issue, but it is worth your time to read. Check out what Ronald Reagan called America’s 3.5 Second Miracle. Dr. Wesbury also offers a succinct one page analysis of another strong jobs report.

Bill Gates Walks into a Bar…

If you walked into a bar and average the incomes of the patrons, you would get a number you would find believable. But if Bill Gates walked in and you take the average, you’d get a much high number but not necessarily a meaningful one. Looking at the average of any data set can be […]

A Turning World

I often feature Scott Galloway’s “No Mercy, No Malice” blog. However, he also has a podcast that offers deeper dives into exciting topics. A few weeks ago, Dr. Galloway sat down for a 45 min conversation with the founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater Associates.”    They discuss America’s place in […]

Food from the Air

For most of human history, most people have toiled sunup to sundown merely to produce a subsistence diet. Today, most people haven’t even visited a farm, but as recently as 1900, 90% of the American population lived and worked on farms. The quantity and quality of food in any supermarket today would have been a […]

Unsung Heroes: The Other Disney

Humans like their stories with a single hero regardless of the contributions of the other players.  When we think of Apple we think of Steve Jobs, but if you read any bio of the company, it’s clear that Apple would just be another tech company that failed without the engineering genius of Steve Wozniak. Say “Microsoft” […]