Econ Recon: “That 70’s Show”…again

That 70’s Show (Again): Boomers will remember the defining economic reality of the 1970s was “stagflation”… a declining economy coupled with inflation (something that isn’t supposed to happen). Economist Brian Wesbury says history may be repeating itself. Check out his musings on “Our Stagflationary Future”. All that Glitters is not Good: In this week’s Fed Watch, ITR’s Brian Beaulieu unpacks […]

The Highway to (Sales) Mediocrity

Speaking of Jim Collins, his book “How the Mighty Fall” outlined the five phases of decline that mark once successful organizations.  This phenomenon applies not only to entire businesses, but to the elements that constitute them, most importantly sales teams. In a one-minute video, Vistage Speaker and Sales Leadership, Inc. President Colleen Stanley applies Dr. Collins’ framework to revenue […]

“The 10 Greatest CEOs of All Time”

What makes Jim Collins one of the best management writers of all time is not just the profundity of his findings about how great companies are run, but the rigorous research supporting them.   His deeply researched books on what makes a business successful necessarily includes its leaders. Several years ago, Collins selected 10 CEOs who had […]

A Friend Will Tell You

Dr. Adam GrantWharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania A wise person once said, “Only a true friend will tell you to your face what others are saying behind your back.” With that as a definition, how many real friends do you have?  There may be many who like you but won’t risk the loss […]

Better Than Fine

Dr. Scott Galloway, entrepreneur and NYU Professor offers a compelling blog post that most Americans (and its friends and enemies) might reflect upon. He writes that “ For decades, America has predicted — arrogantly and repeatedly — the imminent fall of a nation. The doomed nation, according to Americans? A: America.” If you read Galloway regularly, […]

The Ambidextrous Organization

Businesses can grow by looking for new things or doing the old things in new ways. In other words, we can “explore” or “exploit.” Strategy and leadership consultant Jeroen Kraaijenbrink compares and contrasts these concepts and suggests that “Effective organizations are ambidextrous” and consciously pursue a thoughtful balance of both.

Econ Recon: A $3.6 Trillion Oops

Some are worried about a resurgence of Covid as we head into colder weather. Economist Brian Beaulieu thinks we should worry about some second order impact from the first wave; specifically, the impact of work from home on the commercial office market.   As office space leases come due, companies are cutting back on space required, moving […]

Tech Trends for the C-Level

Few things are as important, or as poorly understood by senior executives (especially Boomers) than technology yet is necessary to play the game and to win it…As you begin your yearend strategic planning cycle, it may be helpful to have a source of tech trends and predictions to share with your team. Let me suggest two […]

Same Story, Different Century

As the above chart indicates, the economic growth we take for granted didn’t really get rolling until the 18th century and the Industrial Revolution. That upward curve was generated by a series of inventions and innovations that have had a powerful cumulative effect on our lives through the productive capabilities they made possible. Vistage Speaker Marc Emmer suggests […]

Mr. Mackey’s Second Act

One of the biggest challenges CEOs and other C-Level executives have after selling or otherwise exiting a successful career is “what should I do next?” Sometimes, a CEO cannot resist getting back in the game. It’s widely held that past performance is the best indicator of future performance. Elon Musk (Paypal, Tesla, Space X….Twitter remains to be […]