Abraham Lincoln, CEO

It’s hard to think about President’s day without thinking about Abraham Lincoln who led the country during the existential crisis of the Civil War.   Texas Vistage Chair Greg Bustin is our community’s leading source of business history and leadership lore. In a short blog post he shares a number of vignettes of situations that confronted Mr. […]

The Two Types of Decisions

Leadership and management at their cores are about decision making. Your ability to make a good one may be enhanced if you understand which type you’re being asked to make. Regard the types of decision, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once wrote to his shareholders: “Some decisions are consequential and irreversible or nearly irreversible – one-way doors […]

Herding to Hospitality

Evey big business was once a small business. That’s why I like the American Business History site.  Great articles that trace the origins of successful businesses and explore as Jim Collins has written, “How the Mighty Fall.” Every story includes hard work, intelligence, dedication, and luck!  A great example of the amalgam of these elements is a […]

Band-Aids and Scorpions

It’s often said that coverups often carry greater consequences than the offenses. It’s usually better to get bad news out quickly. For a real life lesson in  getting the bad news out fast, customer service guru Shep Hyken offers an object lesson involving scorpions, airplanes  and how to engage in effective “Rip the Band-Aid Off Communication.”

Attack Ads 101

Our parents often told that “if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Given the attack ads we’ve been subjected to during election years this year’s contests promise new lows in how the candidates will go after each other. But should we follow their example with our company’s advertising? In […]

“Follow the Coffers”

Businesspeople often complain about the ever-increasing number of liability lawsuits, “blaming greedy trial lawyers and activist judges for the skyrocketing cost of litigation in the US.” But recent research puts the real blame elsewhere.  An article in Chief Executive Magazine explores the perverse and self-reinforcing incentives that have created a tort liability industry. The answer lies in […]

Bill Murray’s Advice on Marriage

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday and if you’re considering popping the question, take 45 seconds for some advice from comedian Bill Murray who accidentally walked into a bachelor party a few years ago and gave the groom and his pals some interesting advice. Check out Mr. Murray’s recipe for a happy marriage.

For Our Friends Outside the Vistage Family

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Econ Recon

Stock Market Conundrum: Another surprising strong jobs report, moderating inflation, and interest rates, strong fourth quarter GDP and a robust stock market. What does it all mean for the economy and a possible recession? Economist Brian Wesbury explores A Stock Market Conundrum. A List of Six: ITR Economics’ Brian Beaulieu looks at some of the same data […]

Succeeding at Succession

The largest generation in history is looking for the exits. According to Inc Magazine “Nearly three million U.S. businesses are owned by someone 55 or older, according to Project Equity.” Fill in the blanks: Many owners assume they’ll find a buyer in a great economy but fail to realize that ____ % of companies that […]