Self Bio

After an early career in sales, first for an ethical pharmaceutical company, then for an insurance company, I plunged into the entrepreneurial world of manufacturing at the age of 25, by acquiring a one-man manufacturing company growing annual sales at Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. from $35k in 1975 to over $12MM in the years I was CEO.  In 2009, I was the recipient of the New York State Small Business Development Corp. Manufacturer of the Year Award.


2009 was also the year, I was feverishly seeking knowledge.  My company served the housing industry and the bloodletting was beyond anything I had experienced.  I had just signed my name to significant debt by building a 60,000 SF building and knew that as smart as I thought I was, I knew I needed advice of peers – those who were in the same boat as I, and together we could figure out how to navigate the seas.


In 2009, I became a member of Vistage and obviously never looked back.  After successfully surviving the Great Recession, I set my sights on becoming ‘obsolete’.  I enrolled the wisdom of my Vistage peers and then navigated the waters of what the company needed to look like so I could fulfill my dream.


Since assuming the role of Chairman at Frank Lowe in 2016, I’ve become a Facilitator and Coach with Vistage Worldwide, Inc.  As a Vistage Chair, I wish to help others achieve what they want from their business, by bringing over 40 years of successful business leadership to my group.  I want my members to have a business, instead of a business having them, while they fulfill their dreams.  For each member that dream is different, yet together we can guide each other to that success.