Who I Work With

I am looking for CEO’s, or any person in an organization, with the power to make significant change, regardless of their title


Basic Selection Criteria:

CEO’s who wish to have a totally confidential, unbiased sounding board of peers with whom they can share their experiences in navigating situations being faced.

CEO’s who wish to grow their companies faster than their current level, and know they can use some ideas and feedback, as well as be a resource to the other group members.

CEO’s who know, although successful, they do not have all the answers and realize they have blind spots – which usually is only discovered after a costly mistake is made, yet can be avoided in discussion with true peers, offering honest feedback.


Benefit to Members:

Being a member in a close network of trusted confidential, unbiased voices they know that they can bounce any issue off of, and receive honest feedback to their thinking. This will lead to better decisions and better outcomes.

This, in my opinion, is the real value, as who can the emperor count on to opine on the state of his wardrobe…