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Talent management

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Business operations


personal development


Recruiting and retaining top talent has never been more challenging. Talent management encompasses practices for developing a strategic human-resources plan to optimize hiring, recruitment and sourcing; creating a culture that prioritizes employee engagement and retention; offering robust employee development opportunities; providing proactive performance-management tactics; and preparing for the future with succession planning.

Talent management

Optimized decision-making and the ability to execute are the hallmarks of a top performing leader – these capabilities as a leader make up the backbone of your company’s performance. You set the direction for your organization’s culture and values, model best practices for communication and alignment, and lead strategic planning efforts. Building your leadership strengths and developing your soft spots ensures you will be an inspiring influencer that exemplifies your company’s mission, vision and purpose.

customer engagement

Growing your business requires strategies for all phases of a customer’s life cycle, from how you connect and engage with prospects to how you maintain customer relationships. Marketing activities like branding, social media and digital marketing support the lead generation and customer-acquisition efforts of the sales team, resulting in increased revenues. Market development strategies like expanding your business into new markets and offering new products or capabilities also fuel growth. Throughout your customer’s journey, technologies like CRM (customer relationship management) are critical for communication and tracking of goals, sales performance and KPIs.

business operations

Achieving optimized productivity requires coordination of technology, processes, and infrastructure, as well as a strong supply chain and delivery system. Effectively optimize your operations by embracing big data, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies while also protecting your business with the right risk management and cybersecurity strategies.


Forecasting the financial performance of your business starts with tracking the right metrics and KPIs that bring a clear view of past performance as well as the ability to predict the future. Budgeting, reporting, and analysis of revenues and expenses bring transparency to all aspects of the business. Forward-looking projections can be made with predictive analytics combined with economic, regulatory, and market conditions.

personal development

Continually developing your leadership skills and competencies will help ensure you are able to lead your company through good and bad times. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally, striving to improve yourself and planning for the future ensures that you can be your best for your business, your family and your community now and in the future.



Vistage Chair / Chairman of the Board Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc.

After an early career in sales, first for an ethical pharmaceutical company, then for an insurance company, in 1975 I plunged into the entrepreneurial world of manufacturing by acquiring a one-man manufacturing company and organically growing annual sales at Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. from $35k to over $12MM in the years I was CEO.