Check out Vistage Speaker Marc Emmer’s recent blog post “The Strategy Page: World View Edition.”  

He offers a one-page recap of a recent podcast from the Freakonomics site featuring CNN’s Fareed Zakaria which includes commentary the origins of left and right, conflict in the Middle East, Capitalism vs Communism, Identity Politics, and other matters that, no matter how far away, eventually impact us all. 

If you find Mr. Emmer’s recap compelling, check out the full 67-minute podcast with Mr. Zakaria. “Are We Living Through the Most Revolutionary Period in History?”

Mr. Emmer also provides a 90 second recap of some recent research on Employee Retention at the end of his post. Of note is a recent finding that challenges the widely held belief that employees don’t leave companies; they leave managers. 

We may need to rethink that one.