Few things are as important, or as poorly understood by senior executives (especially Boomers) than technology yet is necessary to play the game and to win it…As you begin your yearend strategic planning cycle, it may be helpful to have a source of tech trends and predictions to share with your team.

Let me suggest two recent offerings from McKinsey that attempt to provide a big picture of overall technology trends in general and the impact of AI on the war for talent in particular. You can download these and share with your team. Ask them to study them and then get together to discuss.

First: Technology Trends Outlook 2023 “To help executives track the latest developments, the McKinsey Technology Council has once again identified and interpreted the most significant technology trends unfolding today. While many trends are in the early stages of adoption and scale, executives can use this research to formulate strategy developing an understanding of potential use cases and pinpointing the critical skills needed as they hire or upskill talent to bring these opportunities to fruition.” This is an 81-page download broken into sections on AI, Web 3 etc.

Second: Generative AI and the future of work in America. No company can afford to lose the war for talent. AI is an indispensable weapon. McKinsey offers a 73-page download on AI and the world of work (there’s a 12-page executive summary at the beginning) that you can download.