The Winter of our Stagflation: The government’s intervention in the economy introduced a lot of unusual noise into the data economists use to forecast. “But underneath it all,” writes economist Brian Wesbury, “we still believe Milton Friedman had it right. A decline in money will lead to recession, and then a decline in inflation.” Check out his thoughts in his short blog post, “January Stagflation.”

FedWatch: As always, Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics offers great insights on the Fed and the economy in his latest “FedWatch” podcast and some new thoughts on interest rates and 2025.  

Great Depression Strategies: ITR Economics has long forecasted another Great Depression starting in 2030. They recently offer a webinar on how to manage through what they think will be a challenging six-year downturn. You can access this 9 min excerpt Building a Strategy to Prosper Now and Through the 2030sFor more on their thoughts about this, check out their 2030s Great Depression section of the ITR Website.