Artificial Intelligence has moved so quickly in the past two years that many senior executives (most of who were already behind the AI curve) are struggling to not only understand AI but manage it. 

Vistage speaker Marc Emmer writes “Businesspeople are in a frenzy to implement AI solutions, but many want to have their cake and eat it too. Managers expect rapid deployment of AI tools because they view them as a path to competitive advantage. To harness the transformative power of AI will require that we reimagine how we do business.”

Mr. Emmer offers a very helpful guide for senior executives who are trying to catch up so they can sprint ahead. A few minutes with his “AI Step-by-Step Edition” may help you get your company into the AI game instead of being just a spectator. He offers an excerpt from a recent webinar as well that you’ll find helpful. Unleashing the Transformative Power of AI.