“Not Goldilocks:” Some recent economic date has some economists thinking that maybe we’re ducking the bullet of a recession, calling the current metrics an indication of a Goldilocks ecnomomy….in other words “just right.” Dr. Brian Wesbury isn’t so sure and offers some reasons why he thinks the current economic outlook is NOT Goldilocks.

Dr. Wesbury’s weekly High Frequency Data Tracker can be found here.

Not Your Usual Recession: Most recessions are accompanied by an increase in unemployment. Usually this is not a welcome development but given how tight the labor markets have been, managers might be forgiven for hoping that an economic downturn would, if nothing else, mitigate labor shortages and create a truce in the War for Talent.  

ITR Economics’ Connor Lokar muses whether a recession is going “to make finding new people coming to become easy? Short answer…I think that’s doubtful.” Check out his recent five-minute podcast for an explanation of his answer.