More Trouble Ahead: This past week the stock market took some heavy hits, but we should remember that it’s worth as a leading indicator can be problematic. Nobel Prize winning economist once quipped that “the stock market had predicted nine out of the last five recessions” (meaning that stock market is often overly pessimistic about the economy). Economist Brian Wesbury offers his own thoughts on the stock market and the economy in a recent one page blog post “More Trouble Ahead.”

Check out Dr. Wesbury’s updated “High Frequency Data Tracker” for an ongoing, year over year comparative graphic on the economy .

“A Sugar High?”: The economy has been providing conflicting signals of late as regards a recession.  Inflation persists, but unemployment remains low. Consumers are spending but are they taking on too much debt?  Is this economy a sugar high that will come crashing down?

ITR Economics Dr. Alan Beaulieu looks at the consumer and consumer debt and offers some data-based objectivity in a blog post “Is There a Consumer Debt Problem?